This company was set up in 1992 and currently has a 100-metre length factory at the ProvidenceIndustrial Estate.It began full commercialoperationsin January 1995 and since then it has been able to slowly createa local market for its products through a shrewd marketing strategy.It is now well establishedon the local market, with better- than expected sales.

The factory is not gearedto mass productionbut is designed to meet the particularspecialisedneedsof a demanding clientele.It is equipped with the latest equipment to cut, polish and transform the granite slabs into a variety of products including tombstone, office furniture, kitchen and vanity tops, indoor furniture, garden fuiniture, floor slabs and products as specified by the client.

The company uses both local and imported granite blocks and is now well known in
Seychelles for the high quality of its products which have already won high praise from tourists and experts in this industry. Satisfied with the results in the local market, the company intends to enter the more competitive foreign markets with the appropriatebusinessstrategy.
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